Deploying an App to Heroku (with Git) for Beginners


After recently completing a┬áRails 4 tutorial, I was faced with a frustrating challenge: how the !#$% do I get my new app out in the internet? A former colleague had suggested using Heroku for app hosting while I was in the learning stages. Since the kind of beginner apps I’m creating won’t really take up a lot of space, he said, why bother buying hosting?

An excellent point, but easier said than done. I had built 3/4 of a recipe app on Rails last year, but I was thwarted and eventually gave up when I could not for the life of me figure out how to push my app out on the line. I recently undertook the challenge again though, and finally managed to do it – so for anyone else who needs the beginner’s version to deploying, see below.

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